High Atlas Mountains gravel bike tour

28 August, 2023

High Atlas Mountains gravel bike tour

High Atlas Mountains 2-Day Gravel Bike Tour: An Immersive Adventure

Experience the High Atlas Mountains on Gravel Bikes

This 2-day tour is tailored for gravel bike enthusiasts looking to explore the High Atlas Mountains in an adventurous way. The rugged trails and diverse terrain offer an exciting challenge for riders of varying skill levels, from experienced cyclists to those new to gravel biking.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

As you pedal through the High Atlas Mountains, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the local Berber communities. Discover their way of life, connect with the people, and gain insights into their traditions. These cultural interactions add depth to your adventure, providing a window into the rich heritage of the region.

Savor the Spectacular Scenery

The High Atlas Mountains serve as a stunning backdrop to your gravel bike journey. From lush valleys to rocky slopes, the landscapes are as diverse as they are breathtaking. With every pedal stroke, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas that capture the rugged beauty of Morocco’s heartland.

Comfortable Accommodations

Rest easy in comfortable accommodations that provide a well-deserved respite after a day of exhilarating gravel biking. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of the mountains and relax in preparation for the next day’s adventure.

Guided Exploration

Your journey is guided by experienced professionals who are familiar with the region’s trails and cultural nuances. Their expertise ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, allowing you to focus on the thrill of gravel biking and the beauty of the surroundings.

A Snapshot of the High Atlas Mountains

This 2-day gravel bike tour offers a snapshot of the High Atlas Mountains, allowing you to experience the landscapes, culture, and challenges that define this iconic region. Whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or a taste of adventure, this tour promises an unforgettable journey through Morocco’s rugged beauty.

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Embark on this immersive 2-day gravel bike tour and discover the allure of the High Atlas Mountains. Traverse diverse trails, engage with local culture, and relish in the thrill of gravel biking while surrounded by stunning scenery. This tour is an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

2 Days / 1 Night
Guided tour, 2-12 person group size
DIFFICULTY: Intermediate | Gravel bike
At a glance

Embark on a thrilling 2-day gravel bike tour through the captivating landscapes of the High Atlas Mountains.

This adventure promises an immersive experience as you traverse rugged trails, engage with local culture, and revel in the natural beauty of Morocco’s iconic mountain range.


Day 1: Marrakech - Desert Agafay - Amizmiz: From Bustling City to Tranquil Landscapes

Your 2-day gravel bike adventure through the High Atlas Mountains begins with a journey from Marrakech to the enchanting Desert Agafay and onward to the picturesque Amizmiz. Day 1 promises an immersive experience as you transition from the bustling city to the serene landscapes of the mountains.

Leaving behind the vibrant energy of Marrakech, you’ll pedal your gravel bike towards the Desert Agafay, a stunning desert landscape reminiscent of the Sahara. The change in scenery offers a sense of anticipation for the unique terrain that awaits you in the High Atlas Mountains.

As you traverse the Desert Agafay on your gravel bike, the golden dunes and the wide-open spaces create a captivating ambiance. The sense of tranquility and the stark beauty of the desert provide a stark contrast to the bustling city you’ve left behind.

Continuing your gravel bike journey, you’ll make your way to Amizmiz, a picturesque town nestled against the backdrop of the High Atlas Mountains. The village’s authenticity and the lush landscapes surrounding it offer a serene respite after the desert’s open expanse.

Your accommodations in Amizmiz provide a comfortable retreat, allowing you to relax and recharge for the adventure that awaits on Day 2. The day’s gravel biking journey and the contrasting landscapes create a sense of anticipation for the experiences that lie ahead.

As the sun sets over Amizmiz, take a moment to reflect on the day’s transition – from the vibrant city to the tranquil mountains, from the desert’s allure to the lush valleys. The diversity of experiences and landscapes sets the stage for an unforgettable 2-day gravel bike adventure.

Stay tuned for Day 2 as your gravel bike tour continues, promising more exhilarating trails, cultural encounters, and the chance to further immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of the High Atlas Mountains.

Day 2: Kik Plateau - Asni - Marrakech: Concluding the Gravel Bike Adventure

Day 2 of your thrilling 2-day gravel bike adventure through the High Atlas Mountains promises an exhilarating ride through the Kik Plateau, Asni, and back to Marrakech. This day marks the conclusion of your journey, offering a final dose of breathtaking trails and memorable landscapes.

Starting your gravel bike ride from the Kik Plateau, you’ll pedal through trails that wind through the high-altitude landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. The challenge of the terrain is matched by the reward of panoramic vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see.

As you navigate the trails on your gravel bike, the dramatic beauty of the Kik Plateau surrounds you. The rugged slopes, the verdant valleys, and the azure sky create a visual symphony that’s both invigorating and captivating.

Continuing your ride towards Asni, you’ll descend from the heights of the Kik Plateau to the charming town below. The transition from the highlands to the town’s vibrant atmosphere offers a unique contrast, reminding you of the diverse experiences that the High Atlas Mountains offer.

As you approach Marrakech on your gravel bike, you’ll find yourself returning to the city’s bustling energy. The memories of the past two days’ adventures, the landscapes you’ve conquered, and the challenges you’ve embraced will accompany you as you pedal back to your starting point.

Arriving back in Marrakech, you’ll carry with you the exhilaration of the gravel bike journey and the sense of accomplishment that comes from exploring the High Atlas Mountains on two wheels. The contrasts, the challenges, and the beauty you’ve encountered create a journey that’s as memorable as it is fulfilling.

As the adventure comes to an end, take a moment to reflect on the experiences you’ve gathered, the landscapes you’ve immersed yourself in, and the thrill of gravel biking in Morocco’s iconic mountain range.

Thank you for choosing this 2-day gravel bike tour and entrusting us with your unforgettable journey. We hope the memories you’ve gathered will inspire your future travels and remind you of the joy of adventure in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains.


Airport Transfers

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Accommodation during the trip

English Tour Guide

All meals during the trip

Assistance car during the trip

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Travel Insurance


Private Expenses

Additional drinks and meals

Bike hire*


*available to rent from our bike shop

Essential Equipment*

Normal daily clothes

Padded cycling shorts and gloves

Breathable top or cycling jersey

Sunglasses/eye protection

Stiff-soled shoes suitable for cycling


Long cycling trousers

Warmer layers for earlier departures

Sun cream

Water bottle or Camelback

Energy gels/Energy bars

*we recommend packing the following items

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